Automatic machine manufacture

We are a reputable machine manufacturer in Vietnam,
Competence from idea to complete design and manufacture, maintenance.
Design and manufacture of automation, increase productivity and save labor.
Manufacturing and assembling electrical systems and equipment as required, single and mass production.
Especially testing machine, automatic assembly machine, testing and sorting machine, packaging machine…
Also we can research, develop robots sush as parallel axis robots, multi-axis robots, and other robot applications.

Human Resources:
17 mechanical and electrical design engineers, 13 employees construction and assembly.
A total of 45 employees. Processing and assembly at the IMC factory, belongs to IDEA Group.
In addition, we help customers install equipment imported from abroad and support warranty, maintenance.

The machines we have supplied to the market are:

① Automatic transport machine

② Automatic assembly machine

③ Outer surface inspection machine

④ Automatic robot system

⑥ Product testing machine

⑦ Automatic labeling machine

⑧ Welding robot system

⑨ Assembly inspection machine

⑩ Automatic supply/discharge machine








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