IDEA TECHNOLOGY JOINT STOCK COMPANY (IDEA) is a company 100% owned Vietnam.

As a science and technology enterprise, have ability from product research and develop to products design and manufacture with high domestic manufacture rate.

The main markets are foreign: Japan, USA, Thailand, and domestic FDI companies. Experienced and self-trained in designing, programming, serving company and customers.

Including 5 Member Companies (ITDC, ITSC, ITMC, ITTC, ITHC), 1 R&D Center (IRDC), 2 Associated Companies (VIJA, ACE).

Have a large team of designers, have factories and manufacturing facilities to manufacture and perfect products.

340 employees, including Design Programming is 252 people. The average age is 27 years old.

Design support services

1. Support design 2D, 3D
2. Design layout, generate ideas
3. Design assembly, part drawings
4. Project, work related to Sheet metal
5. Support design product
6. Design mold and product
7. Support simulation and analysis

8. Programming CAM machine control
9. Training and providing manpower for design
10. Process machine components
11. Design, fabricate automatic machines
12. Electrical design and programming control
13. Product research and development activities
14. Research and fabricate types of industrial robots


Our staff and engineers are experienced in providing services to Japan, America customers. The majority from Technical University, domestic or abroad trained(Japan). In TOP Vietnam Companies in terms of design, and the No.1 company in Vietnam participating in designing for the Japanese market with large capacity and high professionalism, with over 150 customers. Can design and manufacture according to Japanese standards. We have strengths of FA, automated machines, conveyor equipment, industrial machines, food machines and robotic systems fields. In addition we can also support many other fields.

1. Compliance with quality, deadline
2. Good service at low, reasonable cost
3. Ability to use Japanese and English in work
4. Team of young, dynamic and responsible engineers
5. Over 75% university graduate, major in mechanics, electricity
6. Strengths of presenting assembly, part drawings according to JIG standards
7. Concentrate all the best of resources to finish project perfectly by the fastest way
8. Not only designing but also capable of processing, manufacturing and finishing products
9. Manage and security information rigorously, protect customers’ assets safety and respect its

1. Receive documents
2. Estimate quotation cost
3. Contact, discuss, confirm
4. Send and receive the orders
5. Delivery complete data, program
6. Receive feedback from customers
7. Modify or improve as customers’ required
8. Delivery final data, complete project and payment

Data exchange methods:
1. Email
2. FTP server
3. Skype, Teams
4. By the postal mail
5. File transfer service

Confidentiality and commitment:
We sign an NDA confidentiality agreement with customers.
It is guaranteed that databases, informations are well managed.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further informations and details.

Costs about half of Japan / US market.
Service fee of $10 ~ $19, depending on the project.
The quality is strictly tested and carefully managed. Low error rate.
We have received many orders from Japanese-American companies and have produced reliable results

Our staff can be contracted to become the exclusive design engineer of customer.
With stable human resources and quality, reasonable and competitive costs, in the range of $1500 ~ $1900
Vietnam has good IT human resources, has an average working time of 175 hours / month and only 15 days off per year.
Many group being signed by Japanese companies, each group has 3 ~ 15 people who have exclusive contracts with Japanese customers.

Send our staff to Japanese customers’ company and assist with design and programming:
Engineers can be sent to Japan when customers’ business are busy or there are not enough people.
Until now, about 47 engineers have been sent to Japan. Currently, there are 26 engineers still working in Japan.

Nearly 100% of Japanese and American companies are corporations, listed companies, small and medium enterprises
These are machine design companies, equipment manufacturers, manufacturers of automobile manufacturing equipment,

manufacturers of medical devices, semiconductors, manufacturers of home appliances, software and hardware companies.

Payment method
There is no need for a deposit, and payment will be made the following month after the product is delivered and at the end of the month.
You will have to transfer it to our Vietnam local account or Japanese account.
If you would like other payment terms, please contact us.