Precision mechanical processing

In recent years, Vietnam has attracted attention from Japanese companies. Many foreign investors have also sought supply from Vietnam. However, the number of Vietnamese companies that can meet Japanese quality standards is very limited, despite a recent upward trend.

So we have acted as a bridge between Japanese and Vietnamese companies. In 2012, we formed the joint venture VIJA, which is a mechanical processing factory, and built a network to satisfy our customers and partners with managements and engineers, technicians has many years of experience working at Japanese companies.

Starting with a small factory of 500m2, however, with high efforts, the factory has been expanded to 3500m2, processing equipment with more than 120 machines. The number of workers 162. We not only process cutting by milling machine (CNC, NC), lathe but also can weld large beam frame, and have sheet metal processing workshop.

In order to better satisfy the required of customers, in 2017, we established an additional 600m2 ITMC factory, a company specializing in manufacturing machines for Japan, the US and FDI companies.

Main business partners

Machine parts produce about 55% exported to the US and Japan.
The rest is for assembling automation machines and industrial production machines.
Our customers are in car, aerospace, semiconductor, electronics and other industrial fields.
There are a total of 27 customers, including Japanese companies and American companies.

About cost

Costs are about 10 to 30% lower than prices in Japan and the US.
Attractive price in the US and Japan markets. However, it depends on the complexity of the product, quantity and delivery time.


In case of using ship, the shipping cost is low, the time is within 2 weeks. 3 days if shipping by plane.
Also, shipping costs vary depending on weight, so please contact us for details. Reference price is about 4.5 kg for 100 kg or more.


It is possible to purchase SS materials, SUS materials, AL materials, copper, brass and plastic materials manufactured in Japan, Taiwan, Korea or India. Unvailable materials is imported from abroad.

Surface treatment

Chromate, blackened, anodized, zinc plated, silver plated, nickel, electrolytic nickel are used by Vietnamese, Korean, Taiwanese or Japanese companies. We have the ability to spray paint, powder coating.

Heat treatment
Quenching, tempering, annealing, vacuum, carburizing, induction hardening, etc. are available.
Each case will discuss with the customer.

QA Quality Control Department is focused on investing, carefully checking the quality according to the drawings, carefully checking the size and appearance, carefully packing before shipment.

Production sample :

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