ITEC-ITSC Technology

Design support services for foreign countries,
Support machine design, create machine drawings.
Mechanical drawings, electrical drawings, other types of drawings.
Create sheet metal drawings, deploy drawings, create CAM data
Support for product development, plastic products, support for mold drawing production,
Detach processing drawings according to Japanese, American, European standards, 3D modeling
Resources: more than 200 design engineers, technicians, providing high quality services.

ITHC-ITDC Technology

Designing machines, manufacturing automation machines
Design, manufacture and installation of industrial machines
Programming control, making electrical cabinets, developing IoT, AGV, Robot
Manufacturing transport equipment, assembly equipment, testing equipment, washing machines …
Resources: More than 50 technicians, engineers, processing plants, high internal rate, low cost.

ITMC-ITTC Technology

Processing components, metal processing, cutting
Precision processing, jigs manufacturing, frame structure, welding
Responding to single orders to mass production, from small to large sizes
Import-export business, maintenance contract, agent, trustee warranty
Support assembly, adjustment, adjustment and repair of equipment, production lines imported from abroad

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